Digital Billboard Advantage

Two Great Locations: Our digital billboards are located before the southbound exit for Ed Carey in Harlingen and the Texas Ave. exit in Mercedes. Both of these areas are high traffic, and the signs have good visibility from a distance. 


Easy to Read: Consumers will easily be able to read your advertisement day or night.


Continuous Message: Your message to be displayed on a digital billboard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 


Advertisement Flexibility: When you lease advertising space on a digital billboard, you can use multiple pieces of artwork during your allotted time on the board. Your time on the board could alternate 3 different advertisements focused to different consumer groups or different benefits of your goods and services without the expense of printing and installing multiple vinyls or leasing multiple boards in the same area.


Contolled Timeline: Advertising on digital billboards can be done for very short periods of time (1 day) to very long periods of time (1 year) without waiting for a board to become available or a vinyl to be produced and delivered. You can also arrange for artwork to be switched out and replaced with new artwork to keep your advertisement current, interesting and fresh. 

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