Why you should use billboards

Continuous Message: Outdoor advertising is the only type of media that has constant exposure. Your message is displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

Lowest Cost: Outdoor advertising has a lower cost per thousand than any other type of advertising.

         - 80% less than television commercials

         - 60% less than newspaper ads

         - 50% less than radio ads  

Small businesses benefit significantly from billboard advertising, and billboards are standard media for most forms of co-op advertising support.


Reach & Frequency: Ads on billboards are free to consumers; consumers do not have to subscribe to a magazine, cable television, or newspaper to see your advertisement.  75% of Americans rely on billboards to find goods and services while they are traveling. A high percentage of consumers in your area will be exposed to your message.  


Flexibility: Your message can be posted within days of submitting the approved artwork.  Billboards allow you to reach more people faster and easier than any other type of media.  Outdoor advertising makes it extremely easy to target, or not to target, a specific market. 


Repetition: Why do 99% of people answer McDonalds when asked to name the first fast food restaurant that comes to their mind?  They are repeatedly exposed to the brand and the product. Repetition is extremely helpful in getting your message across to millions of people. 


Subtle Awareness: Billboards help increase awareness of your product, which increases your sales and profits.  Billboards are usually the final message we see right before we purchase an item.  


Non-Invasive: Outdoor advertising does not interrupt consumers with obnoxious sounds, smells or other type of negative attention grabbers. Consumers choose to read billboards because of their messages, bold colors and creative graphics. 



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